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Technology Park of the Technical University of Gabrovo

The first technology park outside the capital was opened in Gabrovo, as part of the structure of the Technical University of Gabrovo. The ceremony held on the Thecnical University campus was attended by the mayor of Gabrovo Tanya Hristova, the Regional Governor Nevena Mineva, Kiril Geratliev - executive director of the Executive Agency Operational Programme Science and Education for Smart Growth, former rectors of the University, heads of laboratories, business actors, and guests from other Bulgarian universities.  


The President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Stara Zagora Oleg Stoilov was guest of the ceremony.

The Chamber in Stara Zagora is an associate partner of the project for establishment of the Technology Park and its laboratories. In 2020, the Chamber was working closely with the University. These two organizations are among the founders of the Pure Environment Technologies Cluster.

The Minister of Education Krassimir Valchev addressed a virtual greeting to the participants at the Technology Park opening in Gabrovo.

The Technology Park of the Technical University of Gabrovo has in total 18 laboratories of the Competence Center Intelligent, Mechatronic, Eco and Energy Saving Systems and Technologies, Center of Excellence Natioanal center of mechatronics and clean teqhologies, Competence Center Quantum Communication, Intelligent Security and Risk Management Systems (QUASAR) and the Center for Competence Digitalisation of the Economy in Big Data Environment, funded by the Operational Program Science and Education for Smart Growth, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

The Center for Competence laboratories Intelligent, Mechatronic, Eco - and Energy Saving Systems and Technologies are the basis of the Technology Park of the Technical University of Gabrovo. Project partners are the Technical University of Sofia, the Technical University - Varna, the Sofia University St. Cl. Ohridski - Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy, the Institute of Robotics at BAS, the Institute of Electronics at BAS, the Central Laboratory of Applied Physics at BAS, announced through a publication on its website by the Technical University of Gabrovo.

There are 14 laboratories, grouped in 4 laboratory complexes on the territory of the Technology Park of the Technical University of Gabrovo

The laboratory complex Energy saving systems and technologies for design and production of high-tech products includes 4 laboratories.


At the CAD/CAM systems for design and production of high-tech products laboratory will be performed scientific and applied research related to the development, modeling and optimization of technological processes and new designs of cutting and combined tools. A 5-axis lathe-milling machining center was purchased for the production of complex parts.

A 3D metal printer and specialized software for additive technologies were purchased within the Laboratory Additive and Energy Saving Technologies and Equipment.

Laboratory Intelligent Technologies Based on Intensive Energy Flows is implemented as a result of the partnership between the Technical University of Gabrovo and the Institute of Electronics at BAS. The laboratory performs scientific and applied research in the field of electron-beam welding and surface modification of metals and alloys for the mechatronics needs.

A machine for dynamic and static tests and a semi-automatic microhardness tester have been installed at the laboratory Energy saving technologies for prolonging the life cycle and increasing operational safety. The equipment will perform static or dynamic load tests according to the requirements of international standards of metallic and non-metallic materials.

Two laboratories, equipped with unique equipment and specialized software are built at the laboratory complex Intelligent mechatronic systems for measurement and control.

At the Intelligent mechatronic systems for measuring static and dynamic quantities laboratory will be performed measurements with proven accuracy of the geometric parameters of machine-building products, study of the accuracy and calibration of measuring instruments and systems in accordance with the industry needs.

X-ray diffractometry of monolithic materials and thin layers, qualitative and quantitative analysis of structural, phase and composite polycrystalline materials, as well as measurement of residual stresses in monolithic polycrystalline materials and residual austenite are performed at the laboratory Intelligent systems for studying the structure and properties of materials.


Laboratory complex Intelligent energy saving systems and technologies has 6 new laboratories.

Contactless electricity transmitters with small (several mm) and large (up to several dm) air gap between the transmitting and receiving parts at different capacities will be developed at the laboratory Development of eco and energy saving, contactless electricity transmitters.

Highly efficient technical solutions to design the location of charging stations and to prevent congestion of the electrical network in the peak hours of charging electric vehicles will be developed at the laboratory Development of methods and tools for solving energy and infrastructure problems related to mass electric mobility.

At the laboratory Environmental, energy saving and electromagnetically compatible lighting, LED and RES components and technologies will be designed and measured lighting and electricity parameters and characteristics of products required by the business in the field of lighting and electricity.

Prototypes of heat exchangers and solar thermal collectors, research of combined intensification in pipes with different techniques will be designed, developed and constructed at the laboratory Energy efficient systems and technologies using heat and hydraulic energy and secondary and renewable energy sources.

Measurements of new electrical components and systems, as well as those in operation will be carried out in the laboratory Electric drive and electrical equipment - contemporary energy-efficient electrical components and systems with application in the industrial sector.

The laboratory complex Electronics and Sensors has 2 laboratories Microelectronic and microprocessor devices and systems and Sensors and sensor systems for development of sensor elements for humidity, gases and temperature and microelectronic and microprocessor devices and systems.


Within the Center for Excellence National Center for Mechatronics and Clean Technologies at the Technical University of Gabrovo was built a laboratory Accurate measurements of dynamic quantities in mechatronics, part of the laboratory complex Robotic mechatronic technologies. Project partners are the Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry - BAS (leading organization), the Technical University of Sofia, and the Technical University - Varna, the University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy of Sofia and 11 other institutes of BAS. This is the only one laboratory in the country, which has a mechatronic system with six degrees of freedom to study dynamic characteristics, with reference properties, which will experimentally determine and study the dynamic characteristics of machines and equipment subjected to alternating mechanical effects (land vehicles, ships, and aircraft).

Two laboratories are built on the territory of the Technical University of Gabrovo within the project Quantum communication, intelligent security and risk management systems (QUASAR). Project partners are the Institute of Robotics BAS (leading organization), the Institute of Metal knowledge, Equipment and Technologies Academician Angel Balevski with the Center for Hydro and Aerodynamics at BAS, the Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy at BAS, the Naval Academy N. J. Vaptsarov - Varna, the National Military University Vasil Levski - Veliko Tarnovo, the Faculty of Geology and Geography at the Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski, Association Modern Flight Technologies. The Quantum Communication Laboratory has a CLAVIS quantum communication platform, which includes a complete quantum key sharing system (QKD system), supporting a coherent one-way protocol (COW protocol), quantum random number generators, switches and service equipment with specialized measuring equipment.

The laboratory Innovative sensor technologies has specialized equipment and software for design, measurement, diagnostics and analysis of sensors and electronic products.

The Technology Park also includes a laboratory within the project Digitalization of the economy in a big data environment. Project partners are: the University of National and World Economy (UNWE), University of Economics - Varna, the Technical University of Gabrovo, the Plovdiv University Paisii Hilendarski, the University of Ruse Angel Kanchev, and the Institute of Information and Communication Technologies at BAS. The laboratory examines problems of the economy digitalization in a Big Data environment.  

The qualities of the new-purchased equipment presuppose the realization of scientific and scientific-applied research of scientists from the partnering organizations, including for the business needs, as well as the creation of a sustainable model for application of modern practices in the students and PhD students education.