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Technopol Еngineering OOD


Technopol Еngineering OOD designs, builds and maintains alarm security equipment for homes, offices, business and public buildings. The company has a highly-qualified team of specialists, thanks to which high security is provided, by significantly reducing the risk of unforeseen situations.

The company is specializing in construction of alarm systems, fire alarms, access control, video surveillance, GPS systems. It is one of the leaders on the Bulgarian market in this field.

For its 25-year oof operation it has designed and built security and GPS control systems for more than 10,000 private projects, 100 bank offices, 3,000 industrial sites, 70 monitoring centers. Тhe design and construction of the security systems at the Nuclear Repository near Novi Han, Dunarit AD - Ruse, bank vaults are evidence of high professionalism of the designers, engineers and technicians of Technopol.