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Elfi-Teh OOD


Elfi-Teh OOD has been operating on the Bulgarian and international markets since 1990. The company specializes in activities related to electrochemistry. That wide range includes the electrochemical treatment of polymers, wood and textiles. Since 1994, the company's activities include treatment and stabilization of drinking waters through electrochemical technologies, and since 1998 it has been engaged in the treatment of heavily polluted industrial wastewaters. The technologies that the company develops in the field of ecology are based on electrochemical processes, which create opportunities for thorough purification without the use of chemical reagents, both drinking and wastewaters. The company develops new facilities for ozone production through cold electrostimulation, which has no analog in the world.
The mass use of ozone in waters treatment in Bulgaria is due to the technologies introduced by Elfi-Teh OOD - Stara Zagora. The company has produced over 1100 physico-chemical treatment plants for the country and abroad.
In the longer-term perspective the company has gained solid scientific and practical experience in the application of electrochemical high-energy technologies.
Elfi-Teh OOD was established by Zheko Ganev, professor of electrophysics. He has numerous patents and a major contribution to the ozone application as a working technology in Bulgaria for remote measurement of environmental pollutants and others. He has worked at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and at one of the Russia's largest institutes in the field of plasma chemistry and physicochemistry. He has two doctoral dissertations in the field of low-temperature plasma and in optoelectronics.