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Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Stara Zagora


The Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Stara Zagora is an independent association of companies from the region of Stara Zagora, established to support and to promote their business activity, as well as to represent and defend their interests.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Stara Zagora was established in 1991. It is managed by the General Assembly and the Managing Board. President of the Managing Board is Oleg Stoilov.

CCI - Stara Zagora is part of the unified system of the Bulgarian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, which brings together 28 employers' associations throughout the country and over 60,000 companies. CCI - Stara Zagora is based on the principles of voluntary participation and membership, autonomy and self-financing. The Chamber has about 300 direct members and over 1,500 associated.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Stara Zagora regularly surveys the opinions of companies in the region on the legislation in Bulgaria and EU policies and through its own and partner structures and through its participation in various forums proposes changes to improve legislation affecting the economic development.

Technical University of Gabrovo

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The Technical University of Gabrovo is successor and spiritual descendant of the ideas of the national enlighteners, who founded the first secular school in Gabrovo and successfully blends the traditions of the past with the potentials of the present in the area of education and science. It is a renowned academic and research center, which provides high-quality training in conformity with the labour market needs for modern broad-profile Bachelor degrees, as well as modern Master and Doctor Degrees in the field of engineering and technologies, business and social sciences.

The Technical University of Gabrovo implements its activity through active international cooperation, R&D activities, in close partnership with businesses. It prepares highly-qualified specialists for the business and society needs.
The Technical University of Gabrovo has an institutional accreditation from The National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency. The quality management system implemented for the training, research and academic staff of the university has been certified according to ISO 9001:2000, ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 9001:2015 by DQS GmbH and IQNet. The Technical University of Gabrovo has been accredited by the European Society for Engineering Education IGIP and by the European Federation of National Engineering Associations FEANI.

Institute for Space Research and Technology at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

ikitInstitute for Space Research and Technology at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences


John Atanasov Vocational School of Electronics

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John Atanasov Vocational School of Electronics - Stara Zagora has been preparing students since 1985. Initially, the training was closely specialized and arises in connection with the demand for highly-qualified personnel in electronics in Stara Zagora region. From the 1987/1988 school year the education is carried out in a 4-year course and includes general education and professional training. The vocational school of Electronics received the status of an independent educational unit of the secondary education system. Graduates receive diplomas of secondary education and the qualification "technician".

The demand for highly-qualified technicians in electronics is growing in parallel with the development of new technologies. Since 1990, the vocational school of Electronics has been training students in the following majors: Radio Engineering and Television, Communication Engineering, Electronic Engineering with a profile Microprocessor Engineering.

Since 1993, the school has been named John Atanasov, the inventor of the ABC computer, the first model of an electronic digital computer with regenerative memory.

From the 1992/1993 school year, the school admits both students after completing primary education - for a 4 years study course and students after completing 7th grade - for a 5 years study course with intensive study of English. The number of classes with intensive study of English is increasing. New training opportunities are added with the majors: Computer equipment and technologies, Computer networks, Telecommunication systems, Optical communication systems, Microprocessor equipment, Industrial electronics, System programming.

Successful graduates receive a high school diploma and a certificate of vocational qualification "technician". This enables them to be realized in the fields of audio and video equipment, radio and telecommunication equipment, microprocessor equipment, computer equipment and programming, industrial and consumer electronics, security systems, cable and satellite television, medical equipment and others.

Elfi-Teh OOD


Elfi-Teh OOD has been operating on the Bulgarian and international markets since 1990. The company specializes in activities related to electrochemistry. That wide range includes the electrochemical treatment of polymers, wood and textiles. Since 1994, the company's activities include treatment and stabilization of drinking waters through electrochemical technologies, and since 1998 it has been engaged in the treatment of heavily polluted industrial wastewaters. The technologies that the company develops in the field of ecology are based on electrochemical processes, which create opportunities for thorough purification without the use of chemical reagents, both drinking and wastewaters. The company develops new facilities for ozone production through cold electrostimulation, which has no analog in the world.

The mass use of ozone in waters treatment in Bulgaria is due to the technologies introduced by Elfi-Teh OOD - Stara Zagora. The company has produced over 1100 physico-chemical treatment plants for the country and abroad.

In the longer-term perspective the company has gained solid scientific and practical experience in the application of electrochemical high-energy technologies.

Elfi-Teh OOD was established by Zheko Ganev, professor of electrophysics. He has numerous patents and a major contribution to the ozone application as a working technology in Bulgaria for remote measurement of environmental pollutants and others. He has worked at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and at one of the Russia's largest institutes in the field of plasma chemistry and physicochemistry. He has two doctoral dissertations in the field of low-temperature plasma and in optoelectronics.

Technopol Еngineering OOD


Technopol Еngineering OOD designs, builds and maintains alarm security equipment for homes, offices, business and public buildings. The company has a highly-qualified team of specialists, thanks to which high security is provided, by significantly reducing the risk of unforeseen situations.

The company is specializing in construction of alarm systems, fire alarms, access control, video surveillance, GPS systems. It is one of the leaders on the Bulgarian market in this field.

For its 25-year oof operation it has designed and built security and GPS control systems for more than 10,000 private projects, 100 bank offices, 3,000 industrial sites, 70 monitoring centers. Тhe design and construction of the security systems at the Nuclear Repository near Novi Han, Dunarit AD - Ruse, bank vaults are evidence of high professionalism of the designers, engineers and technicians of Technopol.

Center for Testing and European Certification


The Center for Testing and European Certification (CTEC) is a recognized company on the Bulgarian market in the field of laboratory testing and certification of technical products, management systems certification, technical surveillance, control, energy efficiency audits, and training courses. The services are aimed at helping companies to comply with the requirements of the regulations and with the EC directives on the free movement of goods.

CTEC offers services in nine areas:

  • Conformity assessment of construction products
  • Construction products testing
  • Conformity assessment of machines and electrical equipment
  • Testing of machines, electrical equipment and devices
  • Management systems certification
  • Energy efficiency audits and certification of buildings and industrial systems
  • Technical Surveillance of High-risk Equipment
  • Тype A Inspection Body
  • Business Academy and Vocational Training Center.

Vereya Plast AD


Vereya Plast AD offers year-round vacuum-tube solar collectors with the EKOENERGY brand.

The company performs delivery, design and complete construction of photovoltaic systems. Its team performs design and installation according to sthe pecific needs and requirements of each client. The solar collectors offered by the company are designed for single-family houses, offices, industrial premises, hotels, swimming pools. With the help of envoronmenta-friendly technologies the energy costs could be reduced and the environment - protected.

Vereya Plast is an approved supplier and contractor for the Residential Energy Efficiency Credit Line REECL. The programs provide households and businesses across the country with the opportunity to benefit from targeted loans with a grant of up to 20% of the project value.

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